Kaycee the NBC Page

Born and raised in Longwood, Florida, Kaycee is proud to be a Floridian and can even laugh along with Florida jokes. Usually.

Kaycee moved to Los Angeles after graduating from the University of Florida and eagerly accepted a position in the NBC Page Program. Well-suited to be a Page, Kaycee’s friendly, playful, and sometimes naïve perspective gives her the charm and likability of the “gay girl next door.” After spending years establishing herself in the industry, and working her way up to associate producer on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” and “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” she quit… to be a standup comedian.

Kaycee with Jay Leno backstage at The Comedy & Magic Club

On stage, Kaycee shares her perspective on everything from being a lesbian with terrible gaydar to the selfishness of owning a dog. She has performed at venues all over Los Angeles including The World Famous Comedy Store and The Comedy & Magic Club where she opened for Jay Leno (as well as many much less glamorous venues).  (See SHOWS for upcoming performances).

Kaycee co-hosts the “Not From Here” podcast featuring fish out of water stories. She also hosts the “Clean Comic” web series where she cleans her apartment, available on her YouTube channel and Facebook page.